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Pump it up

October is in full swing with pumpkin patches popping up on every corner. As candy corn daydreams fill our style tanks — embrace the season and treat yourself to CLOTH’s top pumpkin picks from etsy.com that will satisfy any craving this fall.





RE-creating a statement

There’s nothing CLOTH loves more than that perfect vintage traveling trunk . . . Well, that is until stumbling upon the innovative designs of Recreate, a range of unique furniture, lighting, and accessories from the genius mind of Katie Thompson. The South African craftsmanship and elements of surprise lead the way in producing new life to old world finds. Take five while lounging on a suitcase chair or put your feet up at the end of the day on a hatbox ottoman — let yourself melt away the day’s troubles and allow the stories of far off travels take you where you only dreamed of. Now that’s a trip worth taking! www.recreate.za.net

Made in Downtown LA

“Legalize LA”

location: American Apparel warehouse

photo credit: CLOTH

Revival of the Fittest

It was among a sea of well selected vintage vendors at A Current Affair, that CLOTH stumbled upon Lux Revival and reveled in the one-of-a-kind pieces constructed from antique keys, findings, lockets, and ever so lovely trinkets.

Featured in several Levi campaigns and as seen on Johnny Depp, Lux Revival stands true by their timeless cool as longtime friends and collaborators Lisa Yesh and Ren Guidry retool and revision a century’s worth of styles and materials for the 21st century.

CLOTH picked up the perfect “just because” gift for a bestie whom adores antique keys —  pictured to the right, the purchased key chain adds a certain charm to daily errands allowing that gal or gent on-the-go the ability to clip it on in style. The recipient? Well, she absolutely adored it!


Browse these noteworthy Lux Revival designs and more today at the line’s etsy shop


It’s A Current Affair

Sunday afternoon, a champagne cocktail in one hand and a vintage YSL in the other —  just waiting for someone to pinch me to awake from this wonderland . . . yet, it wasn’t a dream.  A pop-up vintage marketplace unlike any other took place this past weekend at the Cooper Building in Downtown, L.A. with A Current Affair.

Bringing together over 25 premier vintage retailers and private dealers from Los Angeles and beyond for this fourth installment, A Current Affair provides an unique opportunity to shop a select assortment of vintage apparel, jewelry, accessories, and eye wear all under one lofty roof. Style Haul caught up with some of the vendors to discuss their sought after treasures for an upcoming episode, while CLOTH found the four leaf clover of a vintage kind; the intangible twin. Wearing a vintage black and silver beaded shoulder stole, styled as a necklace of course, CLOTH was met by an awe-struck vendor who to both our surprise had the very same piece hanging on his own rack just steps away. Coming across a vintage twin, now that’s fashion kismet!

Capturing some fave pieces, check out CLOTH’s very own snapshots and be sure to mark your calendar . . . The fifth installment of A Current Affair is set to dazzle just in time for holiday hunting the weekend of 12/3 -12/4.

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If the Vintage Shoe Fits

Attempting to track down that elusive, pristine pair of vintage pumps can be as challenging as navigating the waters of single-dom. Alas, Urban Outfitters has chartered the perfect vessel to do so with Urban Renewal, their online source for vintage goodies on the brand’s e-commerce site. No longer do you have to hunt through mounds of unmatched lefties, scuffed scoundrels, and unimpressive size assortments — think of it as your very own personal matchmaker; a scaled down assortment of seasonal one-of-a-kind options that come with their very own rap-sheet for you to peruse. Detailed measurements, size, era, and care instructions do away with buyer’s remorse to give you that boost of confidence to try something new — so what if it’s only a fling, you can always go back again and try another pair out to suit your every whim.

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Lucky Brand Fall Campaign Fete at Eveleigh

Lucky Brand kicked off their Fall 2011 Campaign with a fete at Eveleigh on Sunset Wednesday night hosted by Tim Gunn. The Eveleigh provided the ideal oasis where denim and Hollywood collided for a night of effortless style among a sea of crimson dahlias, inspired performances from DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe, and a life-sized gallery of the new Fall Campaign shot by Carter Smith; all while toasting with the enticing “Lucky Punch”.

Noah Mills and Tasha Tilbert

Starlets, CEO’s, and Style Setters were all in tow. Guests included Amy SmartBusy PhillipsSarah HylandAlicia WittJulia JonesIrene Neuwirth and the Veronicas’ Jessica and Lisa Origliasso; but it was in meeting the featured Fall Campaign models Noah Mills and Tasha Tilberg that only further confirmed the direction of the upcoming season, classic and endearing . . . with edge. CLOTH got a behind-the-scenes sneak-peak to see the stylists behind the Lucky Look in action before the big fete. In adoration of the partnered vintage inspired graphics with Triumph and Indian motorcycles and the jewel tone Moroccan influenced textiles, it was the white lace caftan on Tasha that wowed. Straight from the sample rack of Summer 2012, the abundance of fringe gave this design a twist that could take you from a beach bonfire to an indie concert just by adding a pair of skinny jeans and those perfect go-to boots. Brava! Lucky Brand!

While fashion led the night, it was the backdrop of the Eveleigh that caught CLOTH’s eye during some stolen moments of vintage awe. Refurbished fixtures abounded this west coast endeavor by Nick Mathers, Lincoln Pilcher, and Nick Hatsatouris. As french fries with truffled aioli, roast beef crostinis, stuffed squash blossoms, and the unforgettable tuna tartar chips circled the venue; CLOTH was captivated by the cow skull light fixture above the front bar. Made up of various vintage skulls and hanging bulbs to which were enclosed in a classic wooden crate, this definitely stood out as a must-have conversation piece.

 Create your own version of the Eveleigh Skull Light Fixture shown above by visiting etsy.com. Vintage Cow Skulls are available for purchase ranging from just $25 and upward of $350 depending on size. Just add a self hanging bulb and  pendant chain from any hardware store and Voila! you too can bring a little country to any city.

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Proenza Schouler ss’12

CLOTH had the pleasure of meeting Jack McCoullough and Lazaro Hernandez, the duo behind Proenza Schouler, in the spring of 2011 when they travelled to Hawaii to collect island inspirations for their SS ’12 collection. CLOTH pal Jessica O’Neill of Jessica’s Traveling Blog  planned a day full of vintage hunting for the design team which included stop overs with MiShmAsH, Catherine’s Closet, Bailey’s Antiques, and a private showing with CLOTH.

Searching for vintage Hawaiiana pieces, the focus of the appointment surrounded around barkcloth textile prints, subtle polynesian accents, and detail work found in the Iolani Aloha Shirts of the 1950’s. While the Aloha Shirt of today brings to mind that all-too-tourist feeling of throwing your style sense to the wind when on vacay, it is the prints and notions of 1950’s Hawaii that summons bold sophistication with an island twist.

Jack and Lazaro scooped up some true treasures . . . Men’s Aloha Shirts, Crocheted and Quilted Womenswear, and an unique 1980’s Mod Italian Lucite Necklace to boot. So, it’s needless to say CLOTH has been anticipating the Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer ’12 collection all summer to see how these delightful designers would translate the Hawaiian Islands to the runway at Fashion Week. The melding of structured ease, eye-catching graphic prints, and vintage touches stunned but it was the Tiki charcoal crop jacket that CLOTH fell head over heels for . . . letting any gal take a little vacay with her wherever she goes, the right way!

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